Big Data Analysis
i3SEC :  Big Data Analysis Solution

⊙ Supports extracting, searching, analyzing, and deriving implications for vast amounts of data.
⊙ Processes various types of data such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL and MS files such as Excel or Text.
⊙ Equips with chart and pivot functions for data analysis.
⊙ Provides insight on Big data using various data analysis (statistical analysis, management decision making, etc.) through B-Box.
B-Box™ :  Scientific Decision-making Support Solution

⊙ B-Box is an optimized data analysis tool based on 20 years of consulting experience and know-hows in the field of Statistics, Accounting, and OR(Operations Research).
⊙ B-Box supports scientific decision making with various Statistical and OR methodologies. ⊙ Visit for further information.