About Caleb

Caleb is a figure in the Old Testament of the Bible, meaning “attacker”, “servant”, and “dog”.
Caleb, a son of Jephunneh, was from Kenizzite.
He was diligent and responsible.
Caleb was a hidden worker who helped Joshua to move people of Israel to Canaan.
He was a staunch believer who followed God thoroughly.
After coming back from exploring the land of Canaan as one of the representatives of Judah with other 11 tribes, Caleb and Joshua were the only people who asserted that they could conquer Canaan with the power of God while 10 other tribes claimed that they couldn’t take over.
Caleb and Joshua were the only survivors among twelve spies who came into Cannan.
Caleb, at the age of 85, took the lead in conquering Canaan, taking risks to fight in barren lands.
Caleb is a symbolic figure of faith and challenge.

About lighthouse

A lighthouse guides ships on the sea back home safely as they move toward their goals without getting lost.
CalebABC wants to guide our Clients, with uniquely-developed solutions and creative consulting services to achieve their own vision.