ABC(Activity-Based Costing)
Activity-Based Costing
The traditional method of costing can no longer produce reasonable results.
ABC supports decision-making by aggregating costs by activity, tracks the cause of activity, and produces rational results based on causality.
Decision-making advisory
Strategy formulation and goal setting | Investment decision-making (recruitment, facility allotment, new equipment adoption) | Development of new service and service mix | Process improvement and resource utilization | Optimal management of capacity and resource | Profitability assessment and pay for performance
Costing outsourcing service
In order to respond to uncertain environment and competition,
it is necessary to manage strategically with “cost information” to improve performance and profitability.
Have knowledge on profitability without investing costing system.
CalebABC’s Costing Outsourcing Service offers 5 types of services with 8 solutions.
It takes about 8 weeks to complete all 5 types of outsourcing services.
- 2 weeks to collect data, 4 weeks to calculate costs, 2 weeks to analyze and report results
※ Consultants visit hospitals three times; at the introduction, at the kick-off meeting, and at the final report.
※ A person in charge of the project is requested for effective communication.
For security and confidentiality, CalebABC
use your feeder data solely for the purpose of this service.
use your data for research and academic purpose only if consent is obtained from you.
The submitted data that is stored in CalebABC will be destroyed automatically within 10 days after the payment of the contract.
However, if the hospital allows archiving, CalebABC will store the data.
Under the Personal Information Protection Act, all personal information must be provided through an encryption process.
CalebABC will assist with the encryption process if the hospital asks for help.