Evidence-Based Strategy
Our service is unique.
Based on massive data analysis, we offer evidence-based strategies.
• Analyze financial and non-financial data including demand, competition, profitability, patient administration, and surveys.
• Analyze in-depth level of cost and clinical data of patient, disease and treatment using CBMS(CalebABC Bench Marking Service) database.
• Present service line (departmental) strategy in addition to the corporate (hospital) strategy.
• Build strategic execution capabilities collaborating with the client task force.
• Help developing data production, big data analysis, and monitoring systems for strategy execution.
Management by Objectives (MBO)
Articulate enterprise vision and strategy
Most organizations have strategic goals and action plans, but the bottom-line departments have low understanding and low willingness to follw those goals and plans.
With performance-oriented MBO service, we help establishing strategic goals by each department.
Features of MBO service
High acceptability: financial and non-financial diagnosis using ABC data with benchmarks
High feasibility: bottom-up strategy from participatory decision-making
High efficiency and effectiveness: training on visioning and MBO, and getting people involved in analysis
Communication with the management: effective way of seeking support from the management
Business plan: tool for on-going business planning with continuous monitoring of strategy implementation
Clients’ feedback on MBO
Survey summary from 13 hospitals, 115 departments, 1,561 MBO attendees (as of 2022).
• Did this program help to establish strategic goals and plans, and enhance implementation? YES 89%
• Did this program help to strengthen teamwork? YES 85%
• Would you recommend this program to other departments? YES 89%
Scientific decision-making
Decision-making is difficult. It is sometimes based on the judgement of someone with authority.
Scientific approach to decision-making reduces risk, secures consent, promotes execution, and drives performance.
• Fast decision-making: Speed of decision-making increases competitiveness.
• Right decision-making: Essential and objective analysis is needed for decision-making.
• Coping with uncertainty: Predictive information should be provided.
• Creating sustainable values: Right decision helps management focus on value.
CalebABC supports to make better decisions using scientific analysis tool (B-Box) and big data analysis tool (i3SEC).
• Demand Forecasting: providing a model that predicts demand by using regression and time series analysis.
• Profitability Analysis: applying scientific approach to find various factors affecting profitability
• Revenue Management: providing a forecast model to find demand patterns and discovering potential demand by capacity
• Target Selection: selecting customers by region, age, gender, and disease characteristics
• Investment Feasibility: launching of new services, investment in equipment, and recruitment staffs
• Efficiency Analysis: analyzing efficient groups of hospitals, clinics, and diseases using DEA(Data Envelopment Analysis)
• Order Pattern Analysis: analyzing order patterns of a specific disease by order volumes and revenues