Physician Incentive Management System (PIMS)
Hospital performance and Motivation
Performance-based incentive system is one of the most difficult areas in hospital management, where both performance outcome and motivations must be achieved simultaneously considering complex factors and interests of related parties.
Scientific approach
• Cluster analysis to establish evaluation group
• Regression analysis to define operational KPIs and weights
• Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) to set up reasonable targets
• Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to incorporate strategic KPIs
• Knowledge base of performance evaluation and reward system more than 30 hospital cases
• System validation and logic verification process to test alternate fund allocation, KPI selection, and evaluation method
• Optimal methods for performance evaluation: individual vs group evaluation, total score vs scores by each KPI, absolute vs relative evaluation
• Competency evaluation for unquantifiable area: evaluation using questionnaire
• Selection through resources, evaluation methods, and a simulation of changing evaluation indicators
• Acceptability: setting the upper and lower limits of performance-based incentives and adjusting factor to mitigate fluctuation