Hospital Costing
CloudABC CAH : Costing for medical department / physician

⊙ Profit and loss by order doctor, execution doctor and execution department.
⊙ Activity costs by each department.
⊙ Break-even point.
⊙ Cost analysis by medical departments and doctors.
CloudABC CP : Costing for medical service / patient / disease

⊙ Profit and loss by service code(EDI code and uninsured items).
⊙ Profit and loss by disease, length of stay, insurance type, region, gender, and age group.
⊙ Profit and loss by DRG (Diagnosis-Related Group).
⊙ Cost analysis by service, patient, and disease.
CloudABC PF :  Costing for performance evaluation

⊙ Costing for performance evaluation of physicians (adjustment for uncontrollable cost items).
⊙ Simulation for the optimal profit options such as contribution margin, direct profit, and gross profit.
CloudABC Pi3 :  OLAP solution

⊙ OLAP solution that analyzes massive amounts of cost information.
⊙ Inquire data within 3 seconds and provide insights.
⊙ Provide various types of chart reports.
⊙ Provide sequential pattern analysis.
CloudABC EIS :  Executive Information System (EIS)

⊙ Executive information of cost and clinical statistics.
⊙ Strong security features such as security control per report and type of data.
⊙ Different types of reports, such as Chart, Grid, and Image reports.
CloudABC Survey :  Survey for ABC

⊙ Web-based data collection .
⊙ Various ways to collect FTE, such as department/job type/individual FTE and service time.
⊙Excel file upload for large amount of data.
CloudABC ETL :  Extract, Transaction, and Load tool

⊙ Extracts, transforms, and loads data into the ABC system.
⊙ Defines transformation rules using graphical process map.
⊙ Non-experts who don't have knowledge on SQL can define algorithms for data conversion.
CloudABC PIMS :  Physician Incentive Management System

⊙ System validation and logic verification process to test alternate fund allocation, KPI selection, and evaluation method.
⊙ Optimal methods for performance evaluation: individual vs group evaluation, total score vs scores by each KPI, absolute vs relative evaluation.
⊙ Competency evaluation for unquantifiable area: evaluation using questionnaire.
⊙ Selection through resources, evaluation methods, and a simulation of changing evaluation indicators
⊙ Acceptability: setting the upper and lower limits of performance-based incentives and adjusting factor to mitigate fluctuation
CloudABC SC :  Variance analysis solution

⊙ Creates a model to find out the root cause of profit change in a systematic and rapid way.
- Converts all the variances to a sole (i.e. monetary) unit.
- Breaks profit down into detailed indicators to understanding principal causes.
- Easily finds outliers or implications.